“Congratulations to Jim Farley on Ford’s Remarkable 2023 Sales Milestone,” Applauds Tesla CEO Elon Musk

Connor Brooke


Tesla’s Elon Musk congratulated Ford’s CEO, Jim Farley, for the remarkable 2023 sales performance despite their intense rivalry in the U.S. electric vehicle market.

During 2023, Ford showcased substantial success by selling 72,608 EVs in the U.S., signifying an impressive 18% annual surge, securing the second position as the leading EV brand, closely trailing Tesla.

This achievement revolved around three key vehicles: the Mustang Mach-E SUV, the F-150 Lightning truck, and the E-transit van.

The Mach-E emerged as Ford’s top-selling EV, hitting 40,771 units in sales for the year. Noteworthy, the F-150 Lightning experienced a remarkable 55% surge in sales, reaching a total of 24,165 units.

The F-150 Lightning now claims the title of the best-selling electric truck in the U.S., while the Mach-E secures the second spot among SUVs, trailing Tesla’s Model Y.

The competition escalated as Tesla began delivering its Cybertruck in late November, intensifying the rivalry into the EV truck segment.


Why It’s Significant: Last month, Farley acknowledged the resemblance in the developmental trajectory between Ford’s upcoming vehicles and Tesla’s 48-volt architecture. He expressed an openness to collaborate with Musk to propel the supply chain forward into the 48V era.

In contrast to Tesla’s exclusive focus on EVs, Ford maintains involvement in manufacturing combustion engine and hybrid vehicles.

In 2023, Ford’s U.S. sales reached nearly 2 million vehicles, marking a 7% annual increase and its most successful year since 2020. Hybrid sales for Ford surged by 25%, totaling 133,743 units.

While Tesla achieved a notable global milestone by selling 1.8 million electric vehicles last year, the company doesn’t provide a breakdown of regional sales, making it challenging to ascertain the U.S. sales figure alone.